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Customer information in connection with coronavirus

Dear Customers,

In these extraordinary times we hope that you, your family and your colleagues are in good health. We can only guess at the extent of the current coronavirus crisis, but we know that many of us will be greatly affected.

Today, we would like to assure you that Kessler and all its employees are there for you in this difficult time. Kessler has defined and implemented the necessary measures to maintain our business activities.

For you this means that your contact at the company will be available by telephone, email and post as usual. We hope you understand that we must cease physical client appointments until further notice and use telephone and video conferencing instead.

We are in close, daily contact with all of our business partners in Switzerland and internationally to support you in all questions related to risk, insurance and pension benefits.

This crisis will have consequences for our society and economy that are difficult to gauge at the moment. We sincerely wish you every success in managing this extraordinary situation.

Kessler & Co Inc.

Christian Kessler           Tom Kessler
Managing Partner         Managing Partner

Customer information in connection with coronavirus

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