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Kessler & Co Inc. appoints two new business unit heads

Lausanne, 27 April 2020 – Kessler in French-speaking Switzerland updates its organisation in line with its clients’ economic sectors and appoints two new business unit heads.

Since the beginning of 2020, the business units of Kessler in French-speaking Switzerland have been organised based on its clients’ economic sectors:

  • Manufacturing & Life Science (including watch-making, chemical and pharma)
  • Financial Services (including international services, international organisations and sports organisations)
  • Infrastructure & Energy (including construction and transport)
  • Healthcare & Public Entities (including the hotel industry, training and trade, and national services)

Our offices in Geneva and Neuchâtel look after regional clients in collaboration with experts from the different economic sectors.

We have appointed two new unit heads within this new organisation. Mélanie Coluccia will be heading up the Infrastructure & Energy unit. She joined Kessler as a client executive in 2014. With a Federal Diploma in private insurance, she has a wealth of technical and management experience gained in the brokerage department of a large insurer. We have recruited Thomas Koller to manage the Industry & Life Science unit, and he joined Kessler on 1 March 2020. Formerly a member of the executive committee of a national insurance broker, he is an expert in the field and holds an Executive MBA from IMD in Lausanne.

Bernard Perritaz, a member of the Executive Committee and responsible for French-speaking Switzer-land, says: ‘Our new organisation allows us to get even closer to our clients, their specific needs and their challenges. We have the perfect combination of sectoral and regional proximity. Our structure has been strengthened but it remains simple and flexible, with a very flat hierarchy. With one internal appointment and one external hire, we have confirmed the value of our career model and our appeal as an employer. Our clients are the main beneficiaries.’

Kessler & Co Inc. appoints two new business unit heads

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