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Kessler & Co Inc. - Handover to the fourth generation

Zurich, August 24th, 2018 – Martin and Robert Kessler passed their company shares on to their sons Christian Kessler and Tom Kessler. Representing the fourth generation of the family, Christian and Tom are heading the company as Managing Partners. On January 1, 2019 Christian Kessler will take over the Chair of the Executive Committee from Robert Kessler.

Martin Kessler is pleased with the transition: „Over the last years, Tom and Christian have actively participated in the management of the company. We are convinced they are perfectly well prepared for taking over the lead of the firm. The shift to the next generation is now essentially completed. Robert and I will maintain our activities for clients and in business development, and stay committed as members of the Board of Directors.“

Robert Kessler adds: „Kessler is a successful enterprise. We wanted to handover the firm at a time when we could support our sons with full forces. The same way our father did it with us in 1986. Martin and I are delighted to see our sons following our footsteps and carrying on with the family enterprise.“

Marsh continues to hold 25% of the company‘s shares, and is represented in the Board of Directors by Siegmund Fahrig, CEO Continental Europe.

Executive Committee as of 1.1.2019

The Executive Committee shall be composed as follows.

Christian Kessler: Chair, finance, client advisory, Marsh Network
Tom Kessler: Risk Consulting, IT, human resources, training, logistics
Douglas Müller: Health & Benefits, HR Risk Management
Helmut Studer: clients national German-speaking Switzerland, Sales, Legal & Compliance
Roger Konrad: clients international, Insurance Regulation & Tax, Market Security
Pascal Schweingruber: Special Risks, risk practices, operations, marketing
Bernard Perritaz: French-speaking Switzerland, Kessler Benefits

For further questions please contact:

Pascal Schweingruber
T +41 44 387 87 65

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