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Our approach

Our total cost of risk approach is the key: we work closely with clients to reduce the total cost of risk, rather than focusing on reducing premiums.

This holistic approach includes preventative measures and ensures that we provide the most cost-effective solution for each client. Our purchasing power and large benchmark knowledge allow us to obtain better conditions of insurance and preferential rates for insurance solutions compared with other advisors.

Where necessary, we can also provide additional services with input from our internal specialists.


Special Risks

Special risks need special attention. Our Special Risk team is there to advise you in matters relating to professional liability, crime insurance, blackmail and ransom insurance, credit insurance, cyber risk and much more. With over fifteen insurance specialists and lawyers, we are the most experienced team in Switzerland.

Directors & Officers Liability (D&O)

By means of hold-harmless agreements in statutes or employment contracts, part of the risk can be transferred to the employer (company reimbursement). In Switzerland as well as in other countries, hold-harmless agreements for directors and officers are not possible or not permitted in most significant cases. We are there to advise you in insuring your company against lawsuits filed by owners, shareholders, supervisory bodies, employers or creditors.

Cyber Risk

Cyber risks are becoming increasingly important. It is estimated that 90% of companies face a cyber attack every year. Efficient risk management can significantly reduce the probability and the extent of damage. We help you analyze risk, advise you on preventive measures and draw up tailored insurance solutions.


In the event of a major claim, it is often down to the companies affected to fight for the insurance benefits they are owed. At Kessler, our specialists do this for you. We also offer this support to companies that are not part of our client base.

Management and administration of pension funds

The management and administration of company-owned pension funds require specific expertise in domains as varied as law, tax, accounting, finance and communication. We assume full responsibility for management, advice and coordination tasks.

M&A transaction-related services

From risk identification to risk transfer during corporate acquisitions and sales, we assist you in all insurance matters during the M&A process – whether you are a buyer or a vendor. Our team of M&A experts works in close collaboration with our Network Partner Marsh, which has a global network of over 200 experts in this field and assists with hundreds of M&A transactions each year.

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