Risk Management

Dealing with risks means
identifying, assessing and managing them appropriately

Risk Management

Balanced risk management helps companies achieve their goals. With our risk and insurance policy, we aim to create a high yet economically viable degree of security for our clients.

Modern risk management begins with risk analysis: identifying possible hazards and evaluating them with regard to their potential to compromise corporate goals. Priority is given to the relatively rare events that cause major financial losses if they occur and make it impossible to meet earnings and liquidity objectives (catastrophe principle).

Our risk and insurance strategy is based on conscious risk retention; in other words we advise our clients not to insure themselves against small losses. While insurance of medium-sized losses has to be clarified on the basis of cost benefit considerations, major risks have to be passed on to the insurance market. Our role is to devise interesting solutions for our clients.

Risk Consulting

Kessler Consulting offers a full range of risk management consultancy services linked to insurable and non-insurable risks for private companies and the public sector. Our services are divided into four business areas.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

ERM is a comprehensive, systematic approach to the successful management of risks. Our modular goodpractice consulting approach meets all the requirements of Executive Committees and Boards of Directors.

Business Resilience (BR)

In advising our clients on how to enhance their business resilience along the whole length of the value chain, we adopt a pragmatic approach tailored to their specific needs. Our advice focuses in particular on business interruption or cyber risks, which need to be recognized, evaluated and monitored.

Alternative Risk Financing (ARF) and Business Analytics

ARF solutions are important value drivers when it comes to reducing the overall cost of risk. They combine in an efficient way the transfer of risk and the bearing of its cost by the business itself. We analyze risk costs and offer consulting services and feasibility studies for, among others, structured weather solutions or captives.

Human Resources Risk Management (HRRM)

When handling HR risks, systematic and comprehensive HRRM is absolutely essential. HRRM enhances staff to performance and makes HR processes more efficient and cost-effective. Our approach to consulting covers four stages: identifying, evaluating, addressing and monitoring risks.


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Simon Künzler
Head Risk Consulting

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