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Services from a single source form the basis of comprehensive risk analysis and holistic insurance solutions. Kessler has the necessary expertise and specialists to handle these demanding tasks. We offer the following additional services on a project basis:

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management is a comprehensive, systematic approach to the successful management of risks. Our modular goodpractice consulting approach meets all the requirements of Executive Committees and Boards of Directors.

Business Continuity Management (Business Resilience)

In advising our clients on how to enhance their business resilience along the whole length of the value chain, we adopt a pragmatic approach tailored to their specific needs. Our advice focuses in particular on business interruption or cyber risks, which need to be recognized, evaluated and monitored.


Alternative Risk Financing and Business Analytics

Alternative Risk Financing solutions are important value drivers when it comes to reducing the overall cost of risk. They efficiently combine the transfer of risk and the bearing of its cost by the business itself.  We analyze risk costs and offer consulting services and feasibility studies for, among others, structured weather solutions or captives.


Human Resources Risk Management

Personnel risk is a key consideration for any business with employees. Society, the economy and the working world are undergoing rapid change. The consequences are a more flexible labor market, changes in organizational and staff structures, and new challenges for human resources and management. The effects of digitalization, demographic change and psychosocial stress have a major impact on the health, performance and employability of staff, and are directly related to a company’s profitability and success. We analyze the HR risk in companies and offer consulting services for HR processes, control and strategy, and Corporate Health Management (CHM). We also help our clients to optimize their personnel insurance costs.


M&A Transaction-Related Services

From risk identification to risk transfer during corporate acquisitions and sales, we assist you in all insurance matters during the M&A process – whether you are a buyer or a vendor. The services range from transaction preparation to an audit of the target company (insurance due diligence) to transfer of the risk from the company purchase agreement and provision of support with integration or resale. Internationally, our M&A specialist team works closely with our network partner, Marsh.

Further Information

Risk Policy

Balanced risk management facilitates the achievement of corporate objectives. By formulating a tailored risk and insurance policy, we create a high yet cost-effective level of security.

Claims Management

Kessler has extensive experience of supporting clients with complex claims. We can provide support for small claims through to international class actions as required. In the interests of cost-efficient management, we recommend to either not insure minor claims or to settle them directly with the insurer. We will provide assistance in the settlement process and put the necessary prerequisites in place.

Analysis of insurance portfolios

Wann haben Sie sich mit den bestehenden Versicherungslösungen und Ihren Risiken letztmals vertiefter auseinandergesetzt? Kennen Sie das Potenzial für Verbesserungen (Deckung und Prämie)? Gibt es in Ihrer Firma relevante Risiken, die nicht versichert sind? Wir liefern Antworten und gehen in die Vorleistung. Konkret zeigen wir auf, was wir bewegen können.

Reporting and Information Transfer

We regularly provide our clients with the most important information and keep you updated on your risks and policies, and on market developments.


Are you interested in a collaboration or do you have any questions? Your contact person looks forward to hearing from you.

Urs Sommer
Head Business Development

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