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Property insurance policies are used to insure tangible assets such as buildings, equipment, goods and inventories, machinery, IT systems, etc., and also the consequences resulting from property damage such as additional costs and business interruption.

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  • Property and business interruption insurance insures the buildings, equipment, goods and inventories against property damage and resulting business interruption.
  • Machinery insurance policies are used to insure machinery and technical equipment against internal and external damage as well as any resulting business interruption.
  • Reputation insurance covers the loss of profit during a defined period, for example. The insured company can determine part of the specific coverage itself. Options include limiting the cover to specific areas that are particularly critical for the company, or the assumption of the costs involved in crisis management and restoring the company’s reputation.
  • IT insurance protects the IT infrastructure against internal and external damage as well as additional costs.
  • Construction insurance insures construction projects against unforeseen damage due to construction site accidents during the construction phase.
  • Terrorism insurance, including political violence: this form of insurance is used to insure buildings, equipment, goods and inventories against property damage caused by terrorism, civil unrest and hostile events, etc., as well as against the resulting business interruption.
  • Epidemic or hygiene insurance policies insure plant closures or bans imposed on certain activities based on orders issued by the authorities as well as goods damage resulting from complaints under food law regulations.
  • Parametric insurance solutions insure loss scenarios based on a statistical measure such as an index or a defined parameter, e.g. too much or too little wind or rain, river water levels, frost periods, passenger volumes, etc.


Our team of specialists will work hand-in-hand with you to identify your risk profile and define your needs and the insurance cover you want. We work closely with our colleagues from Risk Consulting, especially in matters relating to supply chains and business interruption. As a partner of Marsh, we can also incorporate international insurance markets into your solution in addition to the Swiss insurance market if you wish or need to do so. You can count on us in the event of a claim. We have an in-house team of lawyers to provide us with support in complex negotiations.

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