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Our team of specialists draws on their expertise in your industry to develop the best solutions and optimize your cost of risk. Teams of eight to ten specialists focus on one particular industry and understand the sector-specific risks. In addition to a familiarity with the specifics of the various industries and sectors, they are experts on the individual risk themes. Our leading position in the market enables us to achieve the best results for you and to actively support you in the event of a claim - as Swiss partner of Marsh worldwide.


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We advise companies and organizations from all areas of the healthcare industry, such as homes, institutions, hospitals and clinics.

The risk landscape is extremely diverse and complex, with a focus on technology-related risks, such as IT risks or the entire spectrum of cyber risks. The risk situation is exacerbated further by the tight staffing situation in the healthcare industry and its direct impact on day-to-day work with patients. It is important to ensure that employees are adequately covered for the personal risks of old age, invalidity and death and, if necessary, that the special features of public tenders are taken into account. The political impact on the sector is another aspect that cannot be neglected and one that is very difficult to deal with – the current Covid-19 crisis, in particular, clearly demonstrates the complexity and close links within the sector as a whole, including links with the public sector (supply chain risks).  Overall, the combination of risk and insurance management in the healthcare sector gives rise to a holistic and proactive approach to the challenges the sector is facing, and contributes to the long-term stability and sustainability of healthcare institutions.

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