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There is almost no other part of a company in which such high risks are entered into as its human resources – and this is due to a lack of know-how and a systematic approach. Challenges such as digitalization, the shortage of qualified personnel and the use of artificial intelligence show just how many risks we are exposed to, and how much potential there is for improvement. Typical HR-related risks include employees falling ill or being unable to perform at full capacity (health risk), employees not living up to their full potential (motivation risk), the inability to suitably fill vacancies (supply risk), employees being unable to adapt quickly enough to new developments (adaptation risk) and the departure of employees who are important to the company (departure risk).

Systematic human resources risk management means creating transparency. It provides answers to the question of what HR initiatives take priority based on a company’s strategic and operational goals. These initiatives should always be considered in light of a company’s HR risks and targets, and can include software and digitalization projects, an occupational health management (OHM) system, or integrated HR controlling.

Our goals are to boost your employees’ performance and satisfaction, while also cutting your personnel costs. We can advise you on how to conduct a structured analysis of your HR risks and also how to manage them.

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