Absence Management
Dealing with absences properly

Absence management refers to how a company deals with shorter, more frequent absences, while case management refers to the procedure for long-term absences. Depending on the effectiveness of a company’s HR and absence situation and its specific circumstances, the focus has to lie more on prevention, early detection and intervention, or on reintegration. Due to the current social and economic situation, preventing psychosocial risks is becoming increasingly important.

Risk Management


Our professional and psychological consultation includes mental and physical health aspects and focuses on prevention and early detection. Our process consulting approach involves working with our corporate clients to define the corresponding company-specific HR and management processes and conducting HR and management training. We calculate, analyze and interpret the economic aspects of absence costs and working hours spent on unproductive activities and establish a close link to accident and health insurance and insurance costs (daily benefits insurance for accident and sickness).

Absence and case management aims to maintain employees’ health, performance and working capacity, avoid long-term illnesses to the greatest extent possible, promote reintegration and save costs in the process. Our consultancy services combine all the disciplines relevant to this topic – psychology, human resources management, economics and underwriting. Ensuring that the processes are appropriate for the company concerned is a top priority for us. We focus on feasibility and resources and, as a result, on the effort, costs and benefits involved.

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