HR and CHM Controlling
Dealing with personnel costs properly

Personnel costs represent the bulk of a company’s overall costs (the Swiss average is around 60%). This means that HR controlling has a highly important function. It also means that deciding which figures are reported at what intervals and for what purpose is a central management and HR issue.

Risk Management


HR and CHM controlling play an important part in our consulting services, in the areas of HR risks, corporate health management and absence and case management. Wherever possible, we rely on company-specific key figures. Where these figures are not yet available, we support companies in setting up the relevant information. A key focus area of our consulting activities is the calculation, analysis and interpretation of the absence indicators and rates of absence that are standardized for all customers. Drawing on years of experience, our HRRM specialists ensure high-quality, meaningful data.

In-depth analysis of a company’s absence situation is the basis for targeted expansion or development of absence and case management as well as corporate health management. On the basis of uniform calculations, we ensure high data quality and we have maintained a database for years. This enables us to create long-term benchmarks between companies and sectors.

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Marijana Pfeiffer

Senior Consultant HR Risk Management


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