Corporate health management (CHM)
Healthy employees over the long term

Corporate success is achieved by striking the right balance between productivity and costs. Productivity relies on employees who are healthy in the long term. Our current work and performance culture and the demands it places on employees and managers alike are resulting in new forms of stress, with cost-intensive effects on employees’ mental and physical health, absenteeism and performance. At the same time, changing values mean that employees expect more with regard to their working conditions, development opportunities and work-life balance.

Risk Management


We use occupational health management (OHM) assessments to determine where your company currently stands and to identify where your challenges, needs and opportunities lie. Taking this as a basis, we support our corporate clients in developing their OHM strategy and defining strategic and operational OHM objectives. We analyze potential catalogs of measures and define company-specific measures for promoting health in the workplace. Finally, we provide support with implementation projects and OHM communication. Our consultancy services take the Swiss Friendly Work Space® quality criteria into account.

Our consultancy philosophy sees the aim of occupational health management (OHM) as improving the health and productivity of employees within the company, allowing it to reduce personnel costs and strengthen its employer brand at the same time. Our consultancy services focus on evaluating company-specific measures for promoting health in the workplace and we attach a great deal of importance to a systematic approach that optimizes effort, costs and benefits.

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