Corporate health management (CHM)
Healthy companies have healthy employees

What do you need for your company to succeed? Healthy employees, of course! This is made all the more difficult by the stringent demands of today’s work and performance culture. The risk of employees falling ill due to physical or mental stresses has risen sharply in recent decades. The situation is only exacerbated by the shortage of qualified personnel, changing value systems, and the challenges that younger generations face with regard to working life.

Risk Management


Systematic occupational health management (OHM) helps to prevent and shorten the duration of absences due to illness and stress. A holistic, structured approach is an important success factor in this regard. This means that health management should be integrated into existing management and HR processes, and that healthy management needs to be made tangible at all levels of the hierarchy.

Based on your company’s goals, we can help you develop and implement an OHM strategy that suits you. We can advise you on how to implement effective HR controlling, the corresponding OHM communications, and the selection of suitable health promotion measures. Both we and you are helped in this regard by best practice examples from our consultancy work, as well as the quality criteria of the Friendly Work Space® label.

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