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A balanced Risk Management

Risk and insurance policy

Balanced risk management facilitates the achievement of corporate objectives. By formulating a tailored risk and insurance policy, we create a high yet cost-effective level of security.

Optimization of the cost of the risk

We help you to develop a risk and insurance policy according to your company’s specific risk profile. Professional risk management consulting requires detailed risk identification and assessment. In a qualified risk dialog with you, we systematically determine your risk and make a calculated decision on how to handle the insurable risk. The results are recorded in a digital checklist. This enables you to find the perfect balance between risk prevention, insurance and self-financing. For example, we advise against insurance of common, minor losses. Instead, priority is given to those rare incidents that would result in major financial loss (disaster principle). Our goal is to optimize the client’s overall cost of risk.

Risk Assessment


High: The possible loss leads to an extraordinary impairment of the operating result and forces significant adjustments to the objectives. High losses start at CHF 50’000.

Medium: The possible loss impairs the operating result and may require adjustments to the objectives. Medium losses start at CHF 5’000.

Low: The possible loss does not have a significant impact on the operating result and can be paid from cash and cash equivalents.


High: Occurs frequently (i.e. more than once a year)
Medium: Occurs occasionally (i.e. once a year)
Low: Occurs rarely (i.e. at most once every five years)


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