Sabine Wanner

Interview: Sabine Wanner, Legal Counsel

Sabine Wanner is Kessler’s Legal Counsel. She worked in the Zurich head office for 17 years, but moved to Lausanne in 2016 and has since been supporting Kessler from there.

Mrs. Wanner, you’ve been working for Kessler since 1999. What are your tasks?

As the legal counsel, I’m responsible for answering all queries about legal issues. Primarily, though, I support our clients when they make claims, including in negotiations with insurers, who are adopting an increasing critical view and are constantly and laboriously looking for ways to reduce the amounts they pay out.

Why do you think that is?

Well, one reason is the pressure on costs. Because their premium income is falling, they’re operating in a more competitive environment and subject to more and more regulation. Another is that it’s more difficult now for insurers to generate investment returns.

So, you’re negotiating with insurers year in and year out?

No, I also help our clients with all the legal and regulatory issues they have to deal with in terms of insurance. That includes contract management in terms of liability and insurance cover. I’m also responsible for compliance at Kessler.

Now that you’re working in Lausanne, does that mean all your clients are from French-speaking Switzerland?

No, I work for Kessler as a whole and am often in Zurich. I moved with my family to French-speaking Switzerland last year because my husband works in Geneva. I can now carry on working for Kessler from Lausanne. That’s a privilege.

So, working in Lausanne and Zurich, with two children of school age – how does that work out?

My husband and I split childcare and career, so we manage to reconcile the two. Not only can our children grow up bilingual, but they’re doing it in one of the most beautiful regions in Switzerland.

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