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City Broker and Kessler: two brokers, one future

Zurich, September 7, 2020 – City Broker in Bern and Kessler are shaping the future together. Following Kessler’s acquisition of City Versicherungs-Kundendienst AG and City Beratungs-AG, their employees will continue to provide first-class support to City Broker’s clients, with additional services made possible thanks to increased resources.

Kessler & Co Inc. and the International Insurance Broker VMD-Holding AG, a subsidiary of the German Ecclesia Group, have agreed on the acquisition of City Broker by Kessler. Both parties are convinced that joining forces to shape the future represents significant added value for City Broker's employees and clients, thanks to their cultural similarities and long-term entrepreneurial orientation.

Stronger presence across Switzerland and Liechtenstein

City Broker supports a significant client portfolio across Switzerland, all of whom will continue to benefit from the expert advice of City Broker’s team and the additional resources provided by Kessler and its 300 employees across Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

“As a family firm with exceptional customer service and a long-term strategy, Kessler is the ideal partner both for our clients and our employees. Shaping the future together will enable us to combine continuity and further development,” says Bruno Annen, CEO of City Broker. Christian Kessler, Managing Partner of Kessler, is enthusiastic about their shared future prospects: “City Broker enjoys a first-class reputation in the market. We are proud to be able to join forces with City Broker’s team, strengthening our presence not only in the key Bern / Central Plateau region, but throughout Switzerland.”

Kessler Bern continues to grow

By joining forces with the City Broker team, Kessler Bern continues to grow. With 30 employees in Bern, Kessler will become one of the largest local providers of risk, insurance and pension fund consulting. Kessler Bern's proximity to clients and its employees’ expert local knowledge are key success factors in its growth.

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