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Companies need attractive and affordable pension benefits in order to find and retain qualified employees.


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The organizational form of the company pension depends on the structure of your company. There are four possibilities available.

  • Company’s own pension funds, with or without reinsurance: gives maximum leeway to large companies that want to take responsibility for pension provision themselves.
  • Full insurance: the fully comprehensive solution featuring a guarantee for both the capital invested and the minimum return.
  • (Partially) autonomous collective, communal or association foundation, with or without co-determination for the investment of pension assets: allows companies that can tolerate fluctuations in the value of their investments to set up a low-cost occupational pension scheme with potential for returns.
  • 1e pension solutions: give insured persons with an annual income of more than CHF 132,300 the opportunity to define their own investment strategy.


Pension benefits are becoming increasingly complex due to new legislation, challenging overall conditions and political uncertainty. A high degree of professionalism and negotiating power is becoming increasingly important in a tough market environment. Our team of specialists is on hand to support you and your pension scheme’s joint committee in day-to-day business, offer professional training and conduct employee orientation and retirement events that are easy to understand. We review the market on a regular basis and find the most suitable organizational form and range of benefits for you. We support international companies in monitoring adherence to local legislation and compliance regulations as well as in pooling global personnel risks.

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